M.G. Parham Consulting

provides cutting-edge programming and consulting regarding the recruiting, retention, and advancement of talent, including talent from traditionally underrepresented groups, reflecting a broad diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints and perspectives.  We approach this flexibly: each organization has its own unique culture, "pain points" and  opportunities and every person has their own unique perspectives and "prisms." Our approach is to assess, create the space necessary to address the "blind spots" and other individual and institutional barriers to thriving, strategically address these barriers, and ultimately drive business and individual success through engaged and empowered talent.  


Our Services

Career Coaching

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives (including Women's Initiatives)

Leadership Development

Internal Process Review (including work flow and evaluation process assessments)

Strategic Alignment of Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Development

Business Development and Connecting D&I to the Marketplace